Free State Detectives (SAPS) receive Basic Computer Training at UFS

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The ICTISE (ICT Innovation in School Education) section of the School of Open Learning was commissioned by the South African Police Service to train 20 Free State Police Detectives during March 2012.  Upon arrival none of these detectives have ever used a computer before – they were relying on mainly administrative staff to handle e-mail, digital media and all other electronic documents.

During the training the ICTISE mobile laptop trollies (3 x 10 laptops housed in aluminum crates) made it possible for training to happen in venues where computer training is normally not possible, creating the opportunity to mimic how a detective could be using mobile computer devices to be more productive when visiting crime scenes.

What a great privilege to see this group grow in one week to being confident computer users who not only now access and manage e-mail on their cell phones, but are also capable of drawing up budgets and analyse crime statistics in Excel, do a presentation to the community using PowerPoint, write their next report using Word and they can now make “wanted suspect” posters in Publisher using digital images they capture themselves.  The week ended with a UFS student show casing how the youth access social media, like facebook and twitter.


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