UNESCO visit to Slovakia – April 2012


The UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE) situated in Moscow is conducting a 3 year study on how ICT is reshaping the teaching and learning processes of children in primary education. With respect to the expectations, requirements and challenges of the 21st century, Sarietjie Musgrave from ICTISE, UFS was invited to be part of a team of nine experts from around the world to analyze different approaches, priorities, obstacles and strategies for integrating ICT into the everyday work and play of primary children and their teachers.

On 28 – 30 April a meeting of the project was held in Bratislave, Slovakia.  The meeting started with a visit to a Kindergarden that showcase exemplary use of ICT for teaching and learning.  Examples of 3 year olds using Skype to share activities with learners from other schools or with their parents, the use of digital cameras, microscopes, digital scales, metal detectors, interactive white boards as well as computers, tablets and laptops.


This was followed by a visit to edulab.sk – a centre responsible for the training od teachers and learners in the use of ICT.  The group of experts continued their work that started in April 2011 in France, by completing th first volume of their book and planning the section volume for publication in 2013.  The focus of the second volume will be on sharing examples of best practises from around the world.


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