Mediatech Trade show visit – July 2013


Have you ever wondered what techy nerd’s dream of, well wonder no longer for Mediatech is the physical embodyment of that dream. From green screens to lighting rigs to mixing boards to 19 million rand OB vans to flying cameras (yes you heard me right) you can find them all at Mediatech. The moment we walked into the Coco Cola dome we knew that the next few days would be intellectually exhausting. We immediately dove in and started chatting to everyone. By the second day me and my esteemed colleague, Edward Musgrave, decided to split up in attempt to cover all of the exhibitions.20130718_154013 I don’t know about Edward but I definitely had a few “what the flip” moments where the techy jargon got the better of me and I had to pretend to be fully aware what a Q-matrix 88 switcher was and exactly what it did. Nonetheless after all was said and done we both agreed that attending Mediatech 2013 was well worthwhile and  we are looking forward to upgrading our studio with a few of those toys. So watch out world ICTISE is moving on up!


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